I learned alot and met some wonderful people in the process of working on this play. I am looking foward to see what Mark writes and what Nick produces with The Claque in the future. We spent weeks in the rehearsal process, its still a bit strange to of had only one show with all that preperation and working with new drafts of the play. I did learn a lot about my own work ethic, flexibility and concentration as an actor. Some patrons actually thought I was a teen, gave me a laugh.

I thought going into the day of the  festival that it would be hectic but it was a fairly easy day of tech and everyone working at the Sam French festival were friendly, efficient and made it a good experience.  I hope as far as mood, point of view, direction everything came together for Nick, I felt and heard there were some new aproaches in this performance but kept true to what we had been doing in rehearsal.

I was happy with our final,single performance. It was my first time in a festival and I appreciate being asked to be apart of it.