Don’t sugar coat/the Director who taught me how to kiss

Every rehearsal has been dramaticaly different from the previous one, this past rehearsal is no exception. During a run through of the lines with blocking changes, our director intervened and gave me a top of the head kiss to show me how it should be done, with all parties present. It did put more meaning into the kiss with less of the sweet goodbye sense it had prior. Jessika elbowed me during one of the fight runs but I’m finding more fluidity in the struggle moments/contact moments because we have been being specific about it that it has just become muscle memory. I am definitly finding that Travis is there to let every detail of the truth be known while Gina is still in the dark about their life out here in this house. Though there are different levels of truth at the beginning simply stories, the middle the rules with the climax of what she is in the dark about. However letting it unravle truthfully as an actor is the struggle because I know all the information, none of it is new to me however everytime I tell Jessika (gina) the new information somthing dramatically shifts, and the bravery shines through when you don’t apaologize for what your telling her and not sugar coating it.  

The rehearsal before Mark came in and pointed out the break up part that goes into this and asked if we had any questions, but I for the most part answered alot for myself.