WIPE AWAY, the Samuel French Draft(s)

Hello friends,

So last night was our first* rehearsal with the new trimmed version of the script; WIPE AWAY has morphed into all sorts of lengths and configurations over the years (along with a barrage of titles) and this new version is a good 9-10 pages shorter than the one submitted to Samuel French. My concerns when rewriting are always about maintaining texture and character while getting to the point faster and more clearly than before. For this draft, I feel like I have about four spots in the play that still need a deeper emotional dive; thank goodness I have these actors and this director to help guide me towards them.

I LOVE hearing work read aloud, and Jessica and Thomas are already bringing the characters to life in a way that’s compelling and real; further rewrites will involve their voices and cadences and inflections: the way Thomas’ vowel sounds are stronger that most, for example. And the way Jessica’s laugh is already morphing into a dark siren call.

First week of rehearsal is always nerve-wracking and tense; I found today to be an awfully steep hill to climb. But we made some changes last night, the changes have been implemented and pdf-ed, and now off they go into the wilds of rehearsal. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with “on their feet.”

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