It has begun!

Hi Everyone!
So today we were rehearsing at my favorite place in NYC–The Atlantic Theater Company’s rehearsal studios. Rehearsal was great. We got up on our feet a little bit today, and it was so cool to have those first moments of realizing that this character had a way of standing and moving that was beginning to manifest. It took me by surprise, but a GREAT surprise–it’s reassuring to know that something’s happening. It may not be right just yet, but it’s a start. And considering that I’m terrified (I always am!) it’s good to know that things are taking shape–as they always do!

On another note, WIPE AWAY is my very first play where the playwright is involved! It’s been so cool working with Mark and seeing his brain go to work. It’s exciting to see the play morph and change and shorten and tighten. It sure keeps me on my toes! I feel like it’s pretty rare to get to work with a playwright so I’m soaking it in and am along for the crazy and fun ride!

I guess that’s all for now! Wanted to try this blogging thing out to see what it’s all about.