On our feet..

Today was was our first rehearsal on our feet with script and  backpack in hand.  My first thought after our first run on our feet was that Ray became more of a character and focus than just Gina for obvious reasons of him driving a car and waiting for him to come but also it brought the urgency of him being there in the end. Things did become a bit messy because of it being our first time with the ability to move from one point in the room to another but soem nice moments happened. We found some natural blocking moments that worked well with the progrssion of the play and not just moving for movement sake.

          Mark said he is hearing lines said that were never heard in rehearsals, which is always good to hear. I think because the two have never been acclimated to real teenager that the child like tactics/fidgety qualities do come out more and I found that today, being on the floor and standing witht he backpack.

             At the end of reharsal we got a taste of the fight choreography today, its hard to make not actually hurt someone when your suppose to make it look like you are but your not.